The Greedy Girls Guide to Multiple Penetration Cam Sex!

Around the world, there’s no shortage of women who’ve only banged one guy and have never experienced the thrill of a threesome, gangbang, or a full-blown orgy. But then there’s the type of woman who can’t even get wet with one solo rock, and they require a literal smorgasbord of hard dicks plowing their holes at once if they want to reach a screaming orgasm.


Sure, there’s no shortage of women like this in the porn industry. In fact, there is a tonne of gangbang sluts in porn who have emptied the balls of countless men worldwide through their dick-handling talents on the big screen. But where do you find ordinary chicks who are willing to tackle a cock buffet on a daily basis? Well, the truth is that it’s not easy unless you know where to look, and luckily, I know all of the stickiest places to find them!


Rather than going to your nearest swingers club or local fetish party, there’s a far more convenient option to find women who are eager to take multiple dicks in their holes at once and, most importantly, play with them! The place in question is any leading live sex cam site like which is often packed with nympho women with hungry holes!


However, if you’re still finding your feet in the world of live sex cams, then there’s a tonne of terminology you ought to know. But don’t worry because I will take you on a journey through five of the most common today!


 By the end of this article, you’ll have your porn-hungry brain stuffed with more fun stuff than the holes of the horny women you’ll be playing with!


Now, let’s begin!

Double Penetration (DP)

The Greedy Girls Guide to Multiple Penetration Cam Sex!

First, let’s start with one you no doubt know and love: DP! It’s not hard to hop onto any live cam site and see a girl with a penchant for getting pounded in both holes at once, whether from two of her hung fuck buddies or from a dual sex machine with two girthy dildos attached.


Anyone familiar with hardcore porn will be no stranger to double penetration. Still, the live cam industry offers so much through its ability to provide a wholly interactive experience where viewers can make sexual requests to the cam model they’re watching and even control the sex toys thundering into her pussy.


But in the world of multiple penetration cam shows, the DP girls are rookies compared to the following type of cock hungry cam sluts!

Double Vaginal Penetration (DVP)


Sure, getting a fat dick in your pussy is nice, but why not two? Yep, you don’t often come across women capable of taking two dicks in their pussy at once, and it isn’t easy to do, but they’re not hard to find on live cam sites!


After all, these girls spend so much time taking hard cock in their pussy that they become somewhat desensitized. When that happens, you can often find themselves stretching out their pretty pink paradise with two dicks at once.


Some of you may be asking yourselves, why stop there? And it’s a good question. It’s also one of the following types of cam girls keen to answer!

Double Anal Penetration (DAP)

Double Anal Penetration (DAP)

The type of chicks who want two dicks in their pussy every day isn’t the kind to shy away from hardcore sex when it’s their time of the month, especially when they have a perfectly good asshole waiting to be played with!


Finding a chick who likes getting fucked in the ass is nice, but realizing she wants to get two cocks up her ass at once in a double anal penetration (DAP) session is like Christmas morning! Plus, some of them will even lick their own butt juices off their toys in ass to mouth live cams!


Luckily, you can easily find both types of girls on live sex cam sites, and their performances never fail to blow the minds of anybody lucky enough to be tuning in. But are these girls the elite of the anal sluts? Hell no! That rank is reserved for the following type of cam girl!

Triple Anal Penetration (TAP)


This type of cam girl isn’t for the faint-hearted, but they’re capable of unleashing some of the filthiest live anal cams you’ve ever seen in your entire life!


Don’t ask us how they do it, but these girls can swallow up three dicks in their asses simultaneously, all with a horny grin on their faces.


If you’re brave enough, you can command an interactive vibrator in their pussy as their butthole is given a three-dick fucking. Choose your vibrations carefully, though, because the triple anal penetration cam girls tend to squirt uncontrollably!


Airtight Fucking

Airtight Fucking

And for the final type of multi-penetration cam slut, we come to the airtight sluts. This kind of cock hungry sluts offer the best of both worlds and love being turned literally airtight by taking a cock in their ass, pussy, and mouth at the same time, whether it’s in a gang bang with three male cam models or left alone in their bedroom surrounded by three fucking machines!


If you’re brave enough to make her cum via a remote control vibrator as all three holes are ravaged, the sounds of her powerful orgasm muffled by hard cocks will remain in your wank bank forever. It’s an unmissable cam sex experience!

Life Is Better as a Greedy Girl, but It’s Even More Fun to Watch!


It’s a lot of fun being the kind of sexually liberated woman who can flawlessly take two or three cocks in her hole at the same time, but it’s even more fun to be the one watching her perform and having the chance to take part in the action by unleashing a powerful sex machine on her ass or pussy.


Don’t believe me? Check out any live sex cam platforms today and start filtering down models according to those capable of pulling off DP, DAP, DVP, and TAP, and it’ll open your mind to a whole new world of interactive porn you never thought was possible!